Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What happened in 25th April in Nepal?

                      EARTHQUAKE IN NEPAL:What I Felt

                             Late Earthquake was the most devastating disaster Nepalese had ever felt in the history of civilization of NEPAL.The death toll in the earthquake that struck Nepal on 25th April 2015 A.D. of magnitude 7.8 Richer Scale reached nearly about 9000 people.Nearly 14000 have been injured other were still missed. Have you ever been on a cable bridge when some one treads on it? It shakes. It was as if the whole world was like that -as if the ground had turned to liquid.
                             I was pretty scared.I was playing games on my XBOX since around 11 A.M. People were crouching in doorways to take cover and as soon as the alarm was off we ran to the nearest open street.It was pretty frightening few moments then.Everyone was busy calling their family,friends and relatives.On the way back home I saw a few walls and some electric poles fallen and couple of people with the injuries,but nothing which gave me any idea of the real scale of destruction. 


                              Through the afternoon there were tiny aftershocks after aftershocks and news came rolling over after that the collapse of Bhimsen Tower DHARAHARA took a life of many couples,men women and infants.My hearts was shivering inside. We had have a very few information that while as the connections were off.We heard that the death toll was estimated to be hundreds at the end of the day so that point in the time the scale wasn't apparent.

                              All in all, I suffered a few minutes of fear and a couple of days of inconvenience.That's nothing compared to what people are facing those who have lost their relatives,have homes and business destroyed and are living in the fear of another major earthquake.It has brought  home to me that the superficial visible damage is just the tip of the iceberg relative to the long term damage to the infrastructure of people's lives.

                               I had a tiny glimpse of a horrible event and have really no better picture of what has happened and is likely to happen, than anyone else who has been following events in the media.It seems like that it's going to get worse before it gets better and that recovery is going to be a long haul not a quick fix. The first phase is obviously going to be focused on getting immediate help for the people in the worst-hit areas and it'll be after that we maybe able to help people rebuild  their homes and lives .Tears are rolling down as a flood for the victims from my eyes .I pray for their soul to rest in peace with the sweetness warmth of  GOD.

[written a few days after the quake Baisakh 20,2072-Manoj Chaulagain,OPS]